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It has been well-documented that Native Hawaiians, the indigenous peoples of Hawaiʻi, have poorer health behaviors compared to other major ethnicities. A community impact study suggests that broad-based community approaches are the most effective in reaching the Waimānalo community and improving health. OLA KINO is a grassroots culture-based program that aims to promote ʻike Hawaiʻi, ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, and healthy behavior among Native Hawaiian youth.

OLA KINO consists of four modules: ʻĀina (ʻland’)-based and Kai (ʻocean’)-based health, Kanu (plant) and Huki (pull/harvest).

In the ʻĀina module, children learn land-based exercise. During Kai, children learn about ocean safety, swimming techniques, and how to hoe waʻa (ʻpaddle canoe’). Children develop the following skills: planting and harvesting vegetables, maintaining an aquaponics system, swimming techniques, paddling on a double-hulled canoe, making lāʻau lapaʻau (medicinal plants), protocol, and carving stone implements. Although the program was originally intended to improve youth health, other community members became involved with OLA KINO as the program progressed, resulting in enriching opportunities for keiki and ʻohana.

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